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 Learn Bunka Shishu, the Japanese art of embroidery and the ability to capture masterpieces with thread.  CaliBunka brings this Japanese art form to California shores and encourages students to dive in.  This threadwork artistry combines the methodic relaxation of embroidery with the expression of painting.  With guidance and practice, mesmerize your friends with subtle shading and colorful blending on a 3-dimensional form.

Instructor Janice Daily is a Bunka Shishu master with 30 years of experience and founder of California’s own CaliBunka.  Her work can be found in art festivals, galleries and exhibits across the state, as well as in her tribute to the Japanese aesthetic, the Tea House Studio.  Her threadwork landscapes captivate audiences with stunning realism and lifelike coloring that highlights the gentle, fluid textures painting with threads naturally creates. In addition to her stunning work, Janice Daily also offers Bunka Shishu or Japanese embroidery classes at her Santa Barbara, California studio.

Calibunka carries every necessity to learning Bunka Shishu, including materials, teaching kits, informational videos, history and even an elaborate gallery for exhibition and information. For more information, or to sing up for a class, contact Janice Daily at Calibunka today.